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LiteSpeed Speeds UP WordPress Sites

The Challenge 60 high-traffic WordPress sites. At least 3000 users on the site at any time. 20,000+ users at peak times. Apache with nginx as a reverse proxy. Load at 30+ at peak times. Page load times of up to 35 seconds. The Solution LiteSpeed Web Server ULTRA-VPS license. Installed in minutes via LiteSpeed’s cPanel extension. MariaDB Upgrade. Load drops to 10 and below. (The server has 4 cores.) Pages load within 560 ms. The owner of websites, they are…

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Why Should I Use LiteSpeed Web Server?

Today, most internet sites suffer from performance and security problems. As technology develops, security vulnerabilities are increasing. It may not always be possible to prevent them. It is hard to follow as well as obstacle. Of course there is a solution for every problem. What is important is where you search the solution. Slow opening of the sites, constant collapse causes a lot of visitor loss. One of the worst dreams of the site owners is undoubtedly the collapse of…

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