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Why LiteSpeed Web Server?

We system administrators are now tired of dealing with the same errors. It is a very tiring job, especially when adjusting each time separately. Web sites that receive heavy traffic because of the web server is constantly closed, may increase our work. It is already impossible to install a load balancing system for each site. There are many hidden reasons like this and this is actually exhausting us. As a result, we have been searching for really powerful systems. One of these powerful systems is LiteSpeed Web Server. Let’s talk a little bit about the most performance web server of today and the future.

  • Performance
    • Event-Driven Architecture
    • Hundreds of thousands of concurrent connections
    • Tiny memory footprint
    • Asynchronous I/O support
    • OCSP stapling
    • Built-in page caching and hundreds…
  • Security
    • Brute Force Protection
    • Built-in anti-DDoS connection and bandwidth throttling
    • mod_security compatibility
    • Anti SSL BEAST and renegotiation attack capabilities
    • Strict HTTP request validation
    • Denies buffer-overrun attempts and hundreds…
  • Ease Of Use
    • Control panel plugins
    • Officially supported by cPanel
    • Intuitive WebAdmin console GUI
    • Virtual host templates for easy configuration
    • Real-time service monitoring
    • Basic Installation and hundreds…
  • Advanced Features
    • Easily run multiple versions of PHP on one server
    • Geo-IP lookup
    • Backend load balancing
    • mp4/flv streaming
    • Reads Apache’s configuration files directly
    • Compatible with Apache core modules and hundreds…
  • CloudLinux Compatibility
    • Lightweight Virtual Environment (LVE)
    • CageFS
    • PHP Selector
    • Node.js Selector
    • Python and Ruby Selector
    • Checkpoint/Restore In Userspace (CRIU)
  • Basic Features
    • HTTP/2
    • Scripting Languages: PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python, Java, etc…
    • Brotli & GZIP Compression
    • Support for SPDY/2, 3, and 3.1
    • WebSocket proxying
    • IPv4 and IPv6 and hundreds…

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