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Which LiteSpeed License is Right For Me?

Which license type you choose depends on your resources and needs. Previously, LiteSpeed has a lot more to offer. 1 site hosting the best web server LiteSpeed Web Server is now able to use at an affordable price. You can choose the one that suits your needs and resources from 7 license options, you can activate your website immediately. As I just said, the options are vast. License types are available for every budget and audience. Let’s take a look at these license types together.

  1. Site Owner License: If you own 5 or fewer sites, this license is the best option for you. This license will be ideal if these 5 sites do not receive much traffic and the systems are not too heavy. Why did I mention traffic and system weight? Because this license type has 8 GB RAM limit and 1 Workers
  2. Site Owner Plus License: When we look at this license type again, the site limit is 5. But no ram limit. Likewise there are 1 Workers available. This license will carry your 5 medium density sites easily.
  3. LiteSpeed Lite License: If you have a site higher than 5 and don’t have a lot of traffic, your choice must be this license type. Because there is no site limit. Ram limit is 8 GB and 1 workers available.
  4. LiteSpeed Essential License: If you have more than 5 sites and these sites are moderately dense, this should be the best license type for you to some extent. Because Ram and no site limit. 1 Workers available.
  5. LiteSpeed Professional License: This license type is best for you if you are a medium sized company and want to host your busy applications easily! There is no site and ram limit. Moreover 2 Workers are available!
  6. LiteSpeed Enterprise License: If you are a medium sized hosting company, you can easily choose this package for approximately 2,000 sites. There is no site and ram limit. Moreover 4 Workers are available!
  7. LiteSpeed Elite License: If you are a large-scale hosting company, you can easily choose this package for about 10,000 sites. The site has no ram and workers limit. They are all scalable.
LicenseDomain LimitWorkersRAM Limit
Site Owner518 GB
Site Owner
Unlimited18 GB
Litespeed EssentialUnlimited1Unlimited
Litespeed ProfessionalUnlimited2Unlimited
Litespeed EnterpriseUnlimited4Unlimited

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