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How to View Real-Time Stats for Litespeed

Many of us use different monitoring software to monitor our websites or servers. While this is customary, LiteSpeed ​​users no longer need an extra software. Today, we need to realize that we have many resources for an extra software installation. One of the reasons for the rapid depletion of resources is this extra software. You are unwittingly consuming your resources as hardware and software. We are no longer using extra monitoring software for system administrators LiteSpeed ​​installed servers. In this way, many hardware and software resources are prevented from running out.

With Litespeed Real-Time Stats you can see the following data of your site and external applications;

  • Server Health
    • Uptime
    • Load
    • Anti-DDoS Blocked IP
  • Server
    • Network Throughput
    • Connections
    • Requests
  • Virtual Host
    • Request’s
    • Total Hit’s
    • Public Cache Hit’s
    • Private Cache Hit’s
    • ExtApp Processes
    • EAProc In Use
    • EAProc Idle
    • EAProc WaitQ
    • EAProc Req/Sec
  • External Application
    • App Type’s
    • App Name’s
    • Max Conn
    • EFF Max
    • Pool
    • In Use
    • Idle
    • WaitQ
    • Req/Sec

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