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How to Create New User LiteSpeed Web Admin Console

Advanced IT teams must have many user accounts. This is because every staff can only access areas where they are authorized. A staff member who has access to an unauthorized area is almost a danger to the company. This is just one of some traditional procedures. So does it apply to LiteSpeed ​​Web Admin Console? Are the entries made with one account? Can a new user be created? Yes, you can use more than one account in web admin console. It can also be made with a single user account. For security purposes, however, we recommend that you open an account for each staff member.


  • Personal will only be able to access the areas within the jurisdiction.
  • In any case, it will be easier to find the source or the addressee of this problem.
  • There will be no password problems in one account.

Creating a New User;

  • Go to LiteSpeed Web Admin Console -> Main Areas -> WebAdminConsole
  • Go to Security Page and Web Admin Users Tab click Add
  • Type username and password and Click Save.

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